Project Description

Special guest, composer Jason Graves joins us to share his life, work, and extensive experience scoring games. Our moderator is composer and arranger Paul Taylor.


About Jason Graves

About Jason Graves
Jason Graves is an Academy Award-winning (BAFTA) composer who has brought his passion for music to projects such as FAR CRY PRIMAL (UBISOFT), UNTIL DAWN (SONY), TOMB RAIDER (SQUARE ENIX) and DEAD SPACE (EA). He is particularly enthusiastic about illustrating a project’s story and character arcs through the power of music. His sophisticated composition style has made his work synonymous with unique musical textures and cinematic orchestral writing.

As a classically-trained composer and world percussionist, Jason created an entirely live organic score for FAR CRY PRIMAL, blending a diverse array of sounds from the natural environment and incorporating many animal effects into the score. The evocative soundtrack includes a ram’s horn and solo flute, Aztec death whistles, female vocals, and ritualistic percussion, plus raw sounds from Far Cry’s Stone Age natural environment including bushes, bones, antlers, clay pots, wooden artifacts.

In addition to two BAFTA wins, Jason’s music has been honored with two BAFTA nominations for DEAD SPACE 2 and TOMB RAIDER, plus three Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Award (AIAS) nominations, winning “Outstanding Achievement in Audio” for DEAD SPACE. He has received twenty five G.A.N.G. nominations and four wins, including “Audio of the Year” for UNTIL DAWN, DEAD SPACE and DEAD SPACE 2, “Best Original Theme” nominations for THE ORDER: 1886, DEAD SPACE 2, STAR TREK: LEGACY and BLAZING ANGELS 2 and “Music of the Year” nominations for DEAD SPACE and KING ARTHUR.