Project Description

Grammy Nominee and longtime keyboardist for Conan O’Brien, Scott Healy, leads the The Ellington Study Group LA, a hands-on study of scores and recordings of large ensemble jazz music, and advanced theory and orchestration techniques.

We start off by taking a quick listen to “Maids of Cadiz” by Gil Evans and Miles Davis, then discuss some of the broad strokes: form, pace, and how Gil shapes this evocative and powerful piece. Then we dive back into large ensemble voicing technique, continuing with the antiphonal style of Sammy Nestico, and introducing the chromatic, cross-doubled method of Thad Jones. We’ll refer to Ray Wright’s “Inside the Score” and Don Sebesky’s “The Contemporary Arranger”, and talk about strategies that might make your writing clearer, more transparent, expressive and powerful…and get us away from the screen and onto the score paper, away from the keyboard and back into your “inner” ear.