Project Description

scotthealyGrammy Nominee and longtime keyboardist for Conan O’Brien, Scott Healy, leads the The Ellington Study Group LA, a hands-on study of scores and recordings of large ensemble jazz music, and advanced theory and orchestration techniques.

In this study we look into large ensemble voicing, first by revisiting “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue” by Duke Ellington. Duke’s work in the mid-1930’s predicted and influenced the “modern” big band arrangers.

Then…it’s Thad, Thad, and More Thad (Jones, that is)…this time with an emphasis on jazz theory and harmony. His style is a fulfillment of the Old Testament Swing Era prophecy. This new sound is rich with thick harmony and intense harmonic movement…and impeccable voicing and balancing technique. We’re going to see lots of “college chords” and some challenging jazz theory.

Here are video highlights: